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These are Bikes I have Restored since 2016

Arctic Cat 1973
Austro Daimler Late 1970's
Azuki 1976
Bridgestone Kabuki Submariner Early 1980's
Cannondale SR400 1991
Centurion Le Mans Mixte
Centurion Le Mans
Centurion Sport
Chrome Fixie Schwinn Voyageur 1983
Diamond Back Extreme
Diamond Back Exoert 1998
Dynacraft Conquest
Fontan Mistral Late 1970's
Free Spirit Pinnacle
Free Spirit made by Puch Early 1980's
Gary Fisher Zebrano 2005
Genesis Road Tech 700
Giant Upland MTB
Japanese 10 Speed Generic Early 1980's
Kent Nottingham Late 1970's
Motobecane Nomade Late 1970's
Gazelle 1970's
Giant Innova MTB
Haro Escape MTB
Kent Gran Concors Ladies Earl 1980's
Lotus Excel 1983 - 1984
Motobecane Nomade :ate 1980's
Genesis Villotti 2021
Giant Perigee 1994
Huffy Concours Mid 1980's
Keny Gran Concors Early 1980's
Miyata Eighty SE 1982
Motobecane Super Mirage Late 1970's
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