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Where do you get your bikes?

Yard sales, thrift stores, online sales sites, pallet sales, word of mouth.


How long have you been working on bikes?

Since I was 10 years old on and off. I started aggressively restoring

and selling in 2009.


How many bikes have you sold?

Approximately 240. I only started recording sales by picture starting



Are bicycles your occupation?

No, Bicycles are a hobby of sort. I am a full time electronic tech for a

company in Louisville. I work on bikes after work hours and on



When and where do you do your work?

I work during warm and dryer times of the year when people are apt to

ride. I work under my home carport. I store bikes in a back building.


What about your pricing?

I try to price reasonably. Sometimes the bikes I sell I take a loss on

because of time invested. Most bikes I can complete in a reasonable

amount of time because of knowledge and tools on hand.


Do you do service also?

Yes but limited. I ask that the owner stay around while I do the work.

I won't keep any bikes on hand pending repair. Storage space limited.

Advice is free. Labor is $25 for 1 to 59 minutes. $12.50 every half

hour after.


Do you ship?

I can but I'm not a fan of it. I charge $25 shipping and handling. I pass

the price of the Fed Ex bike box on to the buyer.


I take road, racing and other multi speed bikes in to restore to a quality ride. I bring these bikes to where I would want them if I kept them for myself. Many parts for service I buy new. Other parts are new old stock from bikes that near match the one I am working on.


All bikes come with a 30 day warranty


Things I do for a restore:


Check gear and brake operation

Clean, shine and remove any rust or blemishes I can

Check alignment of wheels and frame geometry

Check all bearing areas. Remove old grease and grease new

Do paint touch up as needed.

Check road worthiness and balance on my neighborhood streets

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